of Santa Fe

An Intensive Out Patient Program specifically designed to address the full spectrum of symptoms associated with eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and compulsive exercise in women, men, adolescent girls and boys, and children.

The center is the first of its kind in Santa Fe, New Mexico and was developed to embody the spirit of Zephyrus… Zephyrus is the Greek God of the West Wind who brought the spring rains and the light so essential for awakening nature. Zephyrus is the interceder between the World of the living and the Underworld.

The West Wind Is About Transformation and traveling on Santa Fe’s west wind is Zephyrus, or the Zephyr Eyed Silkmoth, a beautiful butterfly native to New Mexico.

Butterflies undergo an incredible metamorphosis as they journey toward wholeness. Like the butterfly, we are meant to reach our full potential and to fly with grace and joy aided by the generous west wind.

Zephyrus of Santa Fe is dedicated to assisting you as you transform and heal. Contact us now to begin your journey…