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Deborah Schweiger-Whalen

Founder, Executive Director, Clinical Director

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If you’ve arrived on this page, it’s likely that you or someone you love is struggling with disordered eating. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge the need for help. I’m confident that the expertise at Zephyrus of Santa Fe will aid you in your journey toward healing. Toward that end, I’d like to introduce myself to you. It seems only fair that I share a bit about myself since the therapeutic process will ask you to share about who you are.

I am delighted to open Zephyrus of Santa Fe in northern New Mexico – The Land of Enchantment. Santa Fe is my home and I feel blessed to live in such a vibrant and beautiful city. After relocating from the east coast it became abundantly clear that Santa Fe was lacking a center dedicated to the treatment of eating disorders. It has always been a dream of mine to open such a center. In addition to opening Zephyrus of Santa Fe, I’m proud to introduce Deborah Schweiger-Whalen & Associates – A Santa Fe, NM behavioral health practice specializing in the treatment of traumasexual addiction, impacted partners, anxietydepressionPTSD,  substance abuse, and relationship problems for individuals, couples and families. It is my great honor to offer a broad array of services to the Santa Fe & surrounding communities!

Training & Experience

Prior to relocating to Santa Fe, I moved to Philadelphia where I opened a second psychotherapy practice specializing in trauma and eating disorders. My exploration of this amazing field is reflected in ongoing training and educational pursuits. I am a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist through the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals. I am also a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist through the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals. I pursued this certification in order to prepare myself to address the many sexual issues that evolve in the treatment of eating disorders. Please visit my “How We Treat Eating Disorders” page for more on how I approach treatment.

  • I am a Lecturer. I’ve presented at many national conferences. Please click here to view my list of Conference Presentations
  • I am a Consultant. I’ve consulted at the Santa Fe Girls School on the Prevention and Treatment of Eating Disorders and I am the Eating Disorder Consultant at Novus Mindful Life Institute in Long Beach, CA
  • My work has been featured in a publication of the National Eating Disorders Association, Behavioral Health Care Journal, and I have appeared as a guest on National Public Radio Station WHYY as well as KYW News Radio
  • I have pursued training in the Movement Arts and hold a White Belt in the NIA Technique and am certified to teach Yoga by Yoga Union in NYC
  • Board Member of the New Mexico Psychoanalytic Society
  • Member of the National Association of Social Workers
  • Member of the American Psychological Association, Division 39
  • Candidate at the Colorado Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies
  • Candidate at the Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies

About Deborah Schweiger-Whalen

About me…I began my professional journey in the New York City Public Schools as an educator & language therapist working with developmentally delayed children. This experience provided an opportunity to learn about the lives of those less fortunate than myself. Here began my lifelong interest in understanding how we become who we are.

I became interested in psychology & developed an insatiable desire to comprehend how we function as psychological beings. I cultivated an interest in working with people as they challenged themselves to understand their histories in order to live fuller, more satisfying lives.

I received a Master of Social Work degree from Hunter College of The City University of New York in 1998. Since then, I have worked as a therapist with individuals, couples and families. My professional experience includes serving as a member of the clinical staff in the Department of Psychiatry at North Central Bronx Hospital in New York City where I received in-depth training in the diagnosis and treatment of the full spectrum of psychological & psychiatric disorders.

I’m certified in the Treatment of Trauma by the Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis. I developed a specialty working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse and incest. I am deeply committed to joining with survivors as they courageously move through the intense pain and suffering with which they live. As the spark of self-love grows in my clients who have endured this kind of betrayal and abuse I am reminded of the preciousness of life and how very fortunate I am to be a part of their journey.

As my evolution as a therapist continued, I began to focus on Eating Disorders. I was curious about the way emotional difficulties seemed to manifest in the way people ate or didn’t eat and the way they treated their bodies. Through my own recovery process, I became steeped in the reality that healthy living requires us to be at peace with all parts of ourselves. This requires us to strike a balance between our thoughts and emotions – our spirit and our bodies. Treating eating disorders provides a rare opportunity to work with the entire person and to facilitate healing on many, many levels.

I joined the Renfrew Center of New York as a member of their clinical staff. The Renfrew Center afforded me an invaluable learning opportunity and prepared me to specialize in the treatment of Eating Disorders. At Renfrew, I was a clinician on the Day Treatment Team as well as a family therapist. Later, I became the Renfrew Center’s Clinical Outreach Coordinator in the New York metro area. In this role, I provided education and training on the diagnosis and treatment of Eating Disorders to other mental health professionals. I consulted with colleges and universities to develop eating disorder prevention programs on campus.

The next step on my sojourn was to open a full-time private practice in Manhattan. I have a deep love and respect for the practice of psychotherapy. I approach it as an art form calling for creativity and passion. I am deeply grateful for the bonds that have developed with my clients. They have been my greatest teachers as successful psychotherapy is always a collaborative process.

My sincere hope is that after reading about me, you feel more comfortable reaching out.
You deserve to heal & recovery IS possible.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Deborah Schweiger-Whalen